York Region School Board Collective Agreement

Families are strongly advised to find alternative child care for their children before the possible strike. This strike action can lead to school closures, which prevents students from going to school. The Board of Directors is currently considering options that are in the best interests of its students. Please note that all YCDSB schools are open during this action and classes are continuing. Transportation for eligible students will also be in service. The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECD) reached an interim agreement with the provincial government and the Ontario Catholic School Trust Association (OCSTA) on March 12, 2020. On December 4, 2019, the Ministry of Labour issued a report No. Board, which means that OECD members will be in a legal strike position from 21 December 2019. The last day of school before the Christmas holidays is December 20. As a result, all Catholic schools in York will be open to regular school activities and school transportation will operate as usual for legitimate students. Today, the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECD) announced that no interim agreement has been reached with the province and that legal action will begin on Monday, January 13, 2020. The Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that parents, students and our communities are making every effort to ensure that all elementary and secondary schools, child care, pre- and post-school programs, and food and lunch programs continue as long as it is safe.

School bus transportation for legitimate students also continues. The York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) and CUPE Local 2331 have reached an interim agreement. If there is no preliminary agreement in advance, a one-day strike will take place on Thursday, March 5: the OECD and provincial representatives are currently at the negotiating table. If no provisional agreement can be reached today, a one-day strike will take place tomorrow, Friday 21 February: on 8 April 2020, the OECD announced that its members had ratified the agreement on the essential terms of a new treaty. The York Catholic District School Board is very pleased that the provincial negotiating teams and CUPE have negotiated a new collective agreement. That`s why CUPE WILL NOT BE GREAT DEMAIN, MONDAY 7 OCTOBER 2019. If the one-day strike takes place, please note that all YCDSB schools are open and classes are running as usual. On October 6, CUPE and the province announced that they had entered into a new collective agreement. This interim agreement is currently ratified by CUPE members. NOTE: All YCDSB schools will open on Monday, January 20, 2020.

As a Catholic school board, the YCDSB respects collective bargaining and hopes that a freely negotiated agreement will be reached by Sunday. Although we are not involved in centralized negotiations, we are confident that the parties involved would work hard to reach an agreement.

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