T Mobile Finance Agreement

*Disclaimer of Warranty. Except for any written warranties that may be provided with a T-Mobile device that you purchase from us and to the extent permitted by law, the services and devices are provided “as intended” and “with all errors” and without any warranty of any kind. We make no express or implied assurances or warranties, including implied warranties of a commercial nature or fitness for a particular purpose, including security or authentication purposes, regarding your service or device. While T-Mobile strives to protect customer accounts, T-Mobile does not guarantee any security. You assume responsibility for this if you use your service as a means of security or authentication for other accounts. For more information, see our privacy statement at www.t-mobile.com/privacy-center/our-practices/privacy-policy. We cannot and will not promise uninterrupted or error-free service and do not allow anyone to give warranties on our behalf. This does not deprive you of the warranty rights you have towards other people. We do not guarantee that your communications are private or secure; It is illegal for unauthorized persons to intercept your communications, but such eavesdropping can occur. limited offer in time; Changes are reserved. New equipment financed or leased, a qualification credit, port-ins of eligible airlines and a qualification service are required.

The remaining network manager or credit operator early cancellation fee, including hire purchase option, up to USD 650, paid on (1) invoice payment credits and (2) prepaid virtual card®card (expires in 6 months) generally within 8 weeks. Within 30 days of port-in, submit proof of balance and more than 90 days in good condition with the carrier and be active and in good condition when processed. We may request more information. Up to 5 lines. One offer per subscriber. T-Mobile Virtual Prepaid MasterCard Card is a discount/refund or exchange on a new device, service or port-in (maximum USD 350 per person for the ETF); In the event of a tax impact, contact a tax advisor. You did not pay for the card. Cards issued by FDIC member Sunrise Banks N.A. under license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Some restrictions for virtual cards. Cards do not have cash access and can be used anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted. . . .

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