Non Disclosure Agreement Hrvatski

This NOA should be considered a reciprocal confidentiality agreement. Any disclosure of confidential information to third parties, if deemed necessary, is coordinated and authorized by both parties prior to dissemination and disclosure. This publication is subject to the written agreement of this third party on the same terms as those provided by this NDA, so as not to disclose further and to use proprietary and confidential information for the sole purpose of this NDA. NDA ugovor (close. non-disclosure agreement) i pravni ugovor izme`u najmanje dvije ugovorne strane kojim singete povjerljive informacije, znanje ili materijal koje strane éele podijeliti jedne s drugom u neku svrhu, ali éele Strana koja odaje svoje povjerljive informacije je pruéatelj informacija, a druga strana primatelj informacija. Informacije koje se die NDA ugovorom mo mes biti bilo eto: podatak o klijentima ili proizvodu, prototip, alat, specifikacija, rezultat testa, na`in poslovanja itd. Cilj pruéatelja informacije je za`titi informaciju éije bi otkrivanje u javnost znaano oétetilo njenog vlasni-tva. The parties undertake to establish a confidential relationship regarding the disclosure of certain proprietary and confidential information by either party (open party) to the other (receiving party). When a party is informed of a disclosure of confidential information that is not authorized by that NOA, it immediately informs the other party and collectively endeavours to remedy the situation, without prejudice to other rights that the holder of the information may have with respect to the other party. The receiving party maintains and maintains the confidential information of the revealing party with the utmost confidence to the exclusive and exclusive benefit of the revealing party. The receiving party carefully restricts access to confidential information to staff, contractors and third parties, as reasonably required, and only to persons subject to confidentiality restrictions at least as protected as those provided by this NDA. Jedina mogu`nost koja vam preostaje kako biste svoju ideju u`inili poslovnom tajnom jest ugovor o povjerljivosti koji i opepoznat kao NDA (confidentiality agreement).

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