Certification Regarding Lobbying For Contracts Grants Loans And Cooperative Agreements

This certification is an essential representation of the fact on which the Foundation will rely for funding decisions. If it is subsequently established that the applicant knowingly submitted a defective certificate or did not meet the requirements, the Foundation may apply for the certification to be judicially completed, suspend or terminate the certification. 3. The undersigned requires that the language of this certificate be included in the documents awarding all subcontractings at all stages (including subcontracting, sub-subsidies and contracts under grants, loans and cooperation contracts), and that all sub-recipients certify and disclose it. 10. a) Enter the full name, address, city, state and zip code of the lobbying filer, pursuant to the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, mandated by the reporting body in Point 4 to influence the federal action. This disclosure form is completed by the reporting agency, deputy or principal beneficiary of the federal government, at the time of the introduction or receipt of a covered federal remedy or a substantial change to a previous application, pursuant to Title 31.C Section 1352. The filing of a form is required for any payment or agreement to make payments to a lobby organization that influences or attempts to influence an official or agency member, a member of Congress, an officer or a member of Congress or a member of Congress in a covered federal action. Fill out all the items that apply to the first listing and the material modification report. For more information, please see the implementation guidelines published by the Administrative and Budget Office. 4. Enter the full name, address, city, state and zip code of the reporting organization.

Include the Congressional District, if you know it. Check the appropriate classification of the reporting entity that indicates whether it is or expects to be a Prime or Subaward receiver. Identify the level of the submarine, z.B. is the first subawardee of the prime number. Subcontracts include, among other things, subcontracts, sub-subsidies and subsidy contracts. 7. Enter the name of the federal program or the description of the covered federal action (point 1). If known, enter the full catalogue of the Federal National Aid Number (CFDA) for grants, cooperation agreements, loans and loan commitments. 1. Determine the type of covered federal action for which lobbying activities are taken and/or have been insured to influence the outcome of a covered federal action. 2. If funds other than federal funds have been paid to a person or are paid to a person who has influenced or attempted to influence a public servant or member of an agency, a member of Congress, a member of Congress or a member of Congress under this contract, grant, loan or cooperation contract, the undersigned must complete and submit the LLL type form, “Disclosure of Lobbying Activities,” in accordance with his instructions.

Under the Documentwork Reduction Act as amended, no person is required to respond to a collection of information unless they display a valid OMB control number. The OMB identification number valid for this collection of information is the OMB number. 0348-0046. The public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to be an average of 10 minutes per response, including the time it takes to verify instructions, search for existing data sources, collect and manage the necessary data, and the conclusion and verification of information collection.

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