Agreements Field Service

Although the agreement provides a framework for the creation of work orders, details can continue to be processed at the work order level. If, for example.B. a contract can be generated from an agreement, other products and services can be added to the order if needed. other details, z.B. The price list and the type of employment contract can be changed provided there are sufficient authorisations. Check-in time: This value is present in the agreement and specifies when agreed data, such as booking data and work orders, should be generated on the date of the day. This is useful because some organizations don`t want agreements that generate a lot of orders in the middle of a workday, while dispatchers plan and manage other orders. An agreement must be executed in one place, represented by the service account. Work on multiple sites should be configured by several agreements.

We use agreements with customer resources, incident types and price lists to set up this scenario. In the agreement, set the state field from the active system. This triggers the creation of booking data representing the date service to be performed. In addition to a reservation system, each agreement can also, as an option, be equipped with a billing device. Each billing establishment contains one or more billing products. Both the agreement booking settings and the schedule for calculating the agreement can be repeated. You can have an annual agreement on the weekly service of a device. B but you charge every month. You also set custom date orders that need to be executed if a model doesn`t reflect your business needs. For example, perhaps an agreement to perform the service on different holidays throughout the year. Authorizations apply to the pricing of work orders based on several factors such as the service account, the type of incident and the categories of debtor facilities.

It is customary to create certain types of incidents for some clients who sketch the custom work. One option is to apply an authorization if the type of custom agreement incident is added to an order that reduces products and services to 100%. Price List: Shows the price of all products and services related to an agreement and orders the price list that is replenished on work orders and invoices generated by that agreement. Add to the agreement price list all products and services used during the agreement. Agreements generally involve a negotiated price for goods and services, which is generally reflected in a brand new price list. The price list for work orders and resulting invoices can be manually updated if necessary. If you don`t want to use incident types, you can simply add products, services and service tasks directly to the agreement. Field service agreements allow organizations to automatically generate work orders and invoices with pre-defined details, frequency and date areas.

Agreements are most frequently used for maintenance plans where an organization must conduct daily, weekly or monthly inspections on devices.

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