Accenture Service Agreement

If the provider does not provide the services in accordance with the service levels and/or this Contract, the Provider (after the service has been restored or any other solution to an immediate problem) (i) must immediately investigate and report on the causes of the problem; (ii) an analysis of the causes of such a failure as soon as possible after such a failure or at the request of New Century (iii) to resolve the problem as quickly as possible (regardless of cause or fault) or to coordinate the correction of the problem if the supplier is not responsible for the cause of the problem; (iv) to inform the new century of the progress of insider efforts on this issue; (v) demonstrate, to New Century`s satisfaction, that the causes of such a problem have been or will be resolved in a sustainable manner, and (vi) take economically viable measures to prevent such a problem from happening again when the cause of the problem or solution lies in the responsibilities or control of the supplier. The supplier will make reasonable economic efforts to complete the cause analysis within 15 days of a failure; provided that the supplier, if it cannot be completed diligently within fifteen (15) days, completes this cause analysis as soon as possible and informs New Century before the expiry of the first fifteen (15) days of the status of the cause analysis and the expected completion date. The provider conducts case analysis as part of the services and at no additional cost to New Century; However, if the cause analysis indicates that the problem is not due to the supplier`s non-compliance with its obligations under this agreement, corrective actions taken by supplier staff (with adoption by program management board members) to remedy this problem are considered a project, in accordance with Section 4.5 of this agreement and Section 10 of Schedule 4. The provider (i) provides New Century (and third-century contract partners of the new century) with network configuration data relating to the network provided and used by the provider to provide services to New Century and/or authorized recipients; and (ii) grants New Century (and third-party contracting parties) the right to use this data in the performance of ancillary services (e.g..B. security checks or audits) or the exercise of other New Century rights under this agreement. In addition, the provider will provide new Century and eligible recipients (or, when choosing New Century), a copy of these third-party documents (including source code to the extent that it was available to the Supplier) and related documentation, and will result in this, its support and other services still available to New Century and eligible recipients (or when choosing New Century). Unless New Century has otherwise agreed under Section 6.4 (c), New Century and eligible recipients are not required to pay transfer fees or charges related to the receipt of licences, sublicensings and other rights covered by this section 14.6 (c). The supplier is not authorized to use third-party materials for which it cannot offer these licenses, sub-licenses or any other right without the prior approval of New Century (and without such authorization, the supplier requires to provide these licenses, sublicensings and other rights at no additional cost).

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