Guetterman Family Tree

Search the Guetterman family tree with all of our known relatives, including their spouses.

Welcome to the Guetterman, Guettermann and Gütermann family website.

My name is Eric Pearson, and my second great-grandmother is Barbara Guetterman. As such, I'm pleased to provide this web site so everyone within our Guetterman family can share and exchange information.

Most of the information provided on this site was obtained from corresponding with relatives and researching public records. That is to say this is a family group effort, and we still need for more of our relatives to help. It's really simple, just contribute some bit of information about your branch of the family. For many of us are worried there's a ton of information (familytrees, photos, letters, books, etc.) that will end up lost forever. For myself, I know when one of my grandmothers died most of the family photos ended up being thrown out because everyone looking at them didn't know who the people were. My branch of the family had lost context through these people in past generations. This overwhelming fact has compelled me in realizing we're all personally responsible in preserving our families heritage for future generations. Therefore, I urge you to get those photos and documents copied, scanned or digitized. Then send them to me in behalf of all our relatives. Let's use the internet to our advantage in having a central place for preserving our family treasures from years gone by.
My email address is:, and my mailing address is: The Pearson Family, 1461 Crimson Clover Ct., Brentwood, TN 37027. You can also phone me at: (615) 218-7026.
Thank you, and please enjoy our family website,

Guetterman Family Tree

Guetterman Family Tree
Search the Guetterman family tree with all of our known relatives, including their spouses.

I'll send any relative a free family descendant report containing his or her branch of the family genealogy.

Requesting additional information:
I’m pleased to provide free information to my relatives researching their branch of the family ancestry, including family descendant reports containing his or her branch of the family genealogy. However, any information including living individuals is done in compliance with the below privacy requirements for living relatives.

Respecting the privacy of living relatives:
I realize one of the quickest ways to alienate a relative is to share or publish their personal information they've entrusted to my care without their knowledge and consent. In most circumstances it's fine to include it in a working genealogy file, but NOT publish it on the Internet or otherwise share it without their permission. Therefore, before posting the GEDCOM files I use a genealogy software program that removes information about living individuals. This includes the living individuals born within the past 70 years, and any information which living relatives have requested to keep strictly private.
However, I find this information to be a very powerful way for our families to reunite through learning about each other and their ancestors. As such, I do provide personal information on living individuals once I’ve personally confirmed one of their own relatives has requested it. That is, unless a living relative has previously asked for their information to be completely restricted.
To put it simply, you can definitely trust my discretion on keeping our personal information private. Especially since my own personal information would be included within many of our family ancestry files.
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